It is possible when configuring booxi, that you will notice that your customers are only able to provide availabilities for one of your services instead of choosing a timeslot, like this:

One possible reason for this is because your service has no assigned personnel. To fix this:

  1. Go into your service details for that specific service
  2. Select Assigned Personnel
  3. Assign some or all of your personnel to it (depending on who is qualified to provide this service).
  4. Click save, and then refresh your booxi web page.

Then, you will see a time slot selection for that service, like this:

If this is still unsuccessful, here is another thing you can try:

  1. Click on the specific service
  2. Select Appointment Rules
  3. Check if Disable personnel selection is turned on (if the button next to it is blue)
  4. If so, change the Time Selection Mode from "Ask client's availability" to "Display time slots selection"

Once this is done, your customers should be seeing time slots when they go to book, as you want them to!

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