1. Drag an appointment to a new time

  • Click and hold an appointment to select it,
  • Drag it to a new time or day on the calendar,
  • Release the appointment once you've chosen the new time.
  • A pop up appears with options to notify your customers 
  • Select the option you prefer and click on Move. It's done. 

2.  Use the Edit option

  • Select the appointment that you want to change and right click on it,
  • Click on the Edit option, 
  • The appointment form appears and you can edit the appointment as needed: you can change the date, the hour, the service, or the associated employee and update your customer contact information.
  • If you want to send a notify your customer about this change, scroll down to the section "Options" and select the way you want to notify your client. 
  • Click on Save, and you're done.
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