• Request a full or partial payment per service for appointments or reservations.
  • Accept online payment at booking time, or via email.
  • See which appointments or reservations have been paid in your calendar.
  • Review the payment details per appointment or reservation.
  • Charge, refund and get payment reports using Stripe.

Activate Your Stripe Online Payment Processor

You will  first need to create your Stripe account, and activate the Stripe module in booxi. This will enable and show the hidden online payment options in booxi.


  1. Sign in your booxi account, and click on My Business
  2. Select the Business Module section, and scroll down to the Stripe module.
  3. Turn the module on by clicking on the ON/OFF switch – a setup dialog will pop up.
  4. Click on Sign in Stripe, and if you already have a Stripe account, use the Sign in link at the top of the pop up dialog; if you don’t, complete the signup form underneath to create your new Stripe account.
  5. To link (sign in) your existing Stripe account, simply provide your Stripe account email and password when asked, and continue with the following steps, but you must have an existing Stripe account to continue.
  6. The setup dialog will ask you to provide your tax informations so we can correctly calculate taxes for your customer’s online payment. If you only have one tax, leave the second one blank and to 0%.
  7. When done click Save and you are done.

Choose Which Services Requires an Online Payment

Now that you have activated your Online Payment Module, you can choose to request a payment for any of your services, simply by adjusting their online payment settings.

  • You will be able to request a full payment of the service, or a fix amount for example as a deposit or reservation fee.
  • This payment can be requested at the online booking, or by email just after the online booking is completed.
  • If a customer does not complete the payment at online booking (not by email) within 15 minutes, there reservation will be automatically canceled.

  1. Go to your service list and select a service for which you would like to request payment.
  2. From that service profile, click on Details to open the Edit Details form on the right, and scroll down to locate the Online Payment settings (these will only be shown if you have activated your online payment processor module).
  3. Select the option to request payment At Online Booking or By Email, or select Disabled (no payment requested).
  4. Set the Required Payment amount, to the full amount of the service, or a fix amount, for example 10% as a deposit.
  5. Click on Save, and you’re done. When a customer books an appointment online for this service, a payment will be requested.

Capture Payment in Person or Over the Phone

For any reservation or appointment, you can process an online payment, or capture that a manual payment was completed. This means that you can complete an online payment by typing in the client’s credit card information, by send an online payment request to the client by email, or by registering that a payment was completed manually cash, or using physical payment processor terminal. This way you can track all your reservations and appointments payment status.

To capture payment information:

  1. Right click on an appointment or a reservation and select Pay to open the payment dialog.
  2. Or open an appointment or reservation and select the top menu and option Pay.
  3. You may also set a required amount for a new appointment or reservation before saving it the first time, and the Payment pop up will automatically open.

To capture an online payment for your client, using his credit card information, follow these steps:

  1. Set the payment method to Using Stripe
  2. Set the required amount
  3. Click on Pay
  4. The Stripe payment system will appear and complete the payment providing the client email and credit card information.
  5. The payment status will change for Paid.

To send a payment request email to your client, follow these steps:

  1. Set the payment method to By Email
  2. Set the required amount
  3. Click on Send.
  4. The payment status will change for Awaiting the payment.

To register a manual payment cash or using a payment processor terminal, follow these steps:

  1. Set the payment method to Manual
  2. Set the required amount
  3. Click on Pay.
  4. The payment status will change for Paid.

For each appointment and reservation, you can expand the payment status to review the details of each payment completed (using Stripe, or manual).

booxi currently only allows you to capture payment from online booking.

To apply a refund:

From your Stripe dashboard, you can easily find a payment transaction, do a refund to a specific customer, and create simple transaction reports.

This means you can use booxi to accept online payment when clients book online; while you continue to track who paid the way you used to, and consolidate all your payments by adding the online payment report provided by Stripe.

Note: Do you have specific questions about Stripe? What is the delay between the date of the payment et the date of the reception of the payment on your account? Taxes management?
Have a look at Stripe's FAQ

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