You can easily setup a simple question per service, make it optional or mandatory, and your customer will have to provide that information when booking online. Your personnel will also be able to record that information when the booking is done over the phone.

  1. Go to your service list, and select a service

  2. Click on Service Details to open the service details form

  3. Scroll down to Booking Question

  4. Type in the question. You can ask one ore multiple informations with the same question. For example, “Provide your bike brand, model and size.”, or “Provide any food allergies you may have, or answer NONE.”

  5. Set the question to be mandatory, or leave it optional

  6. Click on Save, on you’re done. Next time you or a client book this service, the booking question will be asked.

Where to Find Those Question’s Answers

When questions are asked at online booking or provided over the phone, booxi stores the answers in the appointment record. 

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