How to create a new category of services

Ease the navigation through your service offer by creating new categories.

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You can create new categories and associate services to them, so it is easier for a client to find the service he is looking for.

For this :

  1. Go to the Services tab

  2. Click on the folder+ icon at the top of the service list to add a new category

  3. Provide a category name that will be displayed online

  4. Click on Create and your new category is created

Add a description :

  1. Click on the little brush next to the category's name

  2. Click on Category details

  3. Enter your description in the Description text box

  4. Save

See “How to add a new service” to associate an existing or new service to another category.

If you support multi-language on your account, make sure to add translated content.

Notes : the category “Main Services” is a default category and cannot be deleted. If you create at minimum another category and at least one service is associated to the category “Main Services” then it will be displayed online.

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