To add the booxi book now button on your Squarespace website, follow those steps: 

1. Start with the booxi side:

  • Sign in your booxi account, go on My Business tab, and click on "Business Details". 

  • Then, scroll down to the section "API KEY" and copy the following code (letters and numbers). 

  • Then go to the following link : and  paste your API Key into the code generator. 

  • Copy the code created by the Generator. 

2. The second step is on your Squarespace website side: 

  • Sign in your Squarespace account and go in the website editor,

  • Select the page on which you want to add the button and click on the Edit button (in the section where you want to add the book now button). 

  • Click on the + button (the option "Add a block) 

  • Then scroll down to the section "Code": 

  • The pop up to edit the code appears, all you have to do it to replace the existing text par the HTML code created by the generator. 

  • Click on Save and it's done. 

3. To customize the button, here are codes to add: 

  • To modify the color of the button: button_color 

  • To modify the color of the button's border: border

  • To delete the booxi icon in the button: show_icon: false

Here is an example:

bxLang: 'eng',
bxExtWin: false,
show_icon: false,

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