1. Get the widget code from booxi

  • Sign in your booxi account, and go on My Business tab,

  • Then click in the "Business Details" section and scroll down to the section "API Key",

  • Select and copy the API code. 

  • Then go on this link, to generate the widget. Scroll down to the "Widget Generator", and paste the API code in the first field "API Key", select a default language, and customize the text you want to display in the button. 

  • Then click on the "Generate the code" button. 

  • Once it's done, a new code appears on the right, copy it.

2. Add the code to your Shopify site

  • Login in your Shopify account, and head to your admin screen. 

  • Click on the "Online store" option in the menu on the left-hand side.

  • Choose "Pages" from the menu.

  • Click on the page that you want to add the widget to (or click the "Add page" button to create a new one).

  • On this page, click on the button in the top right-hand corner with this symbol " <>" to switch the editor to html mode.

  • Paste the code you copied in the first section of this tutorial, to the page in Shopify. Make sure not to switch back to the other editor, as this will invalidate the code.

  • Click Save and the widget should show up on your page.

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