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Create a Rental Service Offer
Create a Rental Service Offer
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  1. First, click on the Resources tab

2. Then click on the “Add a new resource” icon

3. Enter the Resource’s name, and then in the “Resource Type” field, select the “For Rental” option

4. Click on the “New” button

5. Then, go into your Services tab

6. Click on the “Add a new service” icon and enter the service’s name. For example “Bike rental 27” ”.

7. Choose the correct category. For example, you can create a separate “Rentals” category..
8. Then, in the “Booking Type” field, choose the “Rental” option.

9. You can now add more details to this service by clicking on the “Service Details” section. In this section, you can include the service’s duration (in minutes, hours, days, or months) and price, for example.
10. Click on Save to apply any changes that you have just made.
11. Click on the “Associated Resources” section 

and check off which resources can be rented with this rental service. Click on Save when you’re done.
12. Finally, make sure you make this rental service Available online so that your clients will be able to book it directly from the web. For this, you just need to click on the “Offline” button just beneath the service’s photo.

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