You can easily track what your customers do while booking online using Booxi, and see how often they completed or abandoned the booking and at which steps.

  • Create a tag using Google Analytics (ex: UA-12345678-01) called property ID

  • Add this tag to your book now button configuration gaCode

  • Track the usage in google analytics in the Events tab for the property ID you used.

How to add your tag in your online booking button configuration

You simply have to add your tag property ID as gaCode along with your Booxi API Key as follow:

bnHandler = booxiController.configure({


gaCode: "UA-12345678-01"


Another important step is to add these two lines in the head and body:

What will booxi send to Google Analytics

Booxi does not send any personal information, but information on what was clicked without a service name or date. You users’ confidentiality is always respected.

  1. Start New Booking

  2. Select Service

  3. Select Staff

  4. Select Appointment Date

  5. Select Appointment Time

  6. User Form Submit

  7. Send Booking Request

  8. Booking Request Completed

  9. Close Book Now

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