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Track Booxi Online Booking Usage with Universal Analytics
Track Booxi Online Booking Usage with Universal Analytics

Use Universal Analytics to Track Online Booking Usage

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Important Note

Google will cease to support Universal Analytics (UA) on July 1st, 2023. We highly recommend using Google Analytics 4 (GA4) instead.

With the help of Universal Analytics, you can easily track your customers' actions while booking online using the Booxi booking widget, and see how often they completed or abandoned the booking and at which steps.


Before using Universal Analytics, you will need to fulfill the following requirements:

  • A valid Google account

  • Sign up to Google Analytics

  • Your Google Analytics’ Tracking ID

If you haven’t created a google account yet, please consult the following page for more details on how to do so. Once your account has been created, follow these instructions to sign up to Google Analytics and set up Universal Analytics. Make sure to take note of your tracking ID.

Configuring Google Analytics with Booxi

First, make sure the following script has been included in the <head> tag of your webpage.


<script src="" async=""></script>


Then, you will need to create at least one default tracker to log events. Create it using the below code. For more information on how to create trackers, consult the following page.


<script> = || function() { (ga.q=ga.q||[]).push(arguments) };ga.l =+ new Date;

ga('create', 'UA-XXXXXXXX-XX', 'auto', {allowLinker:true});

var bnHandler = null;

window.bxApiInit = function () {

bnHandler = booxiController.configure({







Assign your tracking ID (“UA-XXXXXXXX-XX”) when creating the tracker and configuring booxiController.

The “create” method supports a wide range of parameters. Booxi mostly uses default values and log data to the default tracker (t0). However, you might require additional parameters to meet your own analytics needs. To learn more about these parameters, consult this page.

What Will Booxi Send to Google Analytics

Booxi will automatically log the events listed below. Take note that Booxi doesn’t send any personal data during that process, user’s confidentiality is preserved at all times.

  • Start New Booking

  • Select Service

  • Select Staff

  • Select Appointment Date

  • Select Appointment Time

  • User Form Submit

  • Send Booking Request

  • Booking Request Completed

  • Close Book Now

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