In this article, we have put together some important information about time zone management in order to always display the correct online availability for your customers.

Your booxi Account Time Zone

The time zone of your booxi account is determined based on the address you provide when creating your account. If you change the region after creating the account, the time zone will not automatically adjust.

Add Time Slots and Appointments manually

When you add time slots (free or busy) or appointments manually in your booxi calendar, make sure to set your computer's time zone to the same one as your booxi account. This way, there won’t be any disparities between the schedules/appointments you enter and what you offer online.

In order to do this, go to your computer Settings. Select Date and Time and make sure you have the configuration below. Select the time zone in which your booxi account is located.

The hours available online correspond to the time zone of the booxi account.

The availability times displayed in the reservation button reflect the availability based on the time zone of the booxi account.

Let’s look at an example. If a booxi account is set to the America/New York time zone, the hours displayed on the button will be the availability hours based on the America/New York time zone regardless of the time zone in which your client and/or your client's computer is located.

If your customer makes an appointment from Europe for example, and selects 9am among the availability choices, the appointment will be scheduled at 9am EST since the booxi account is on the America / New York time zone.

The confirmation and reminder email(s) sent by booxi will display the appointment time based on the time zone of the booxi account, so in this case, that would be 9:00 am EST.

Depending on the time zone of your mailbox, an ICS event will appear above the automatic email to convert the appointment time to your own time zone.

Therefore, in this example, an appointment made for 9am EST in a booxi account will be made at 3pm CET.

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