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How to Use Service and Location Filter Tags
How to Use Service and Location Filter Tags
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Adding online booking to your website is an amazing conversion opportunity. Statistics show that 70% of consumers are looking at online booking options on your website; therefore you should take that opportunity to convert them into an appointment, before they leave your website.

We help you maximize this opportunity by allowing you to position this amazing book now call-to-action in as many places as possible on your website. With booxi you can for example have a button:

  • On your homepage for all your services or all your locations

  • After sign-in to present a VIP service offer to your VIP customers

  • On a home service web page listing only at home service

  • On a dedicated page that explains the benefit of a specific service or group of service, so you can convert your customer at the right time.

  • On marketing landing pages for a specific offer

  • On an event page to book in less efforts

  • And more

booxi believes that providing a seamless experience navigating a website is crucial in providing an excellent customer experience. It’s important that your customers find the service they are looking for quickly and easily.

If your company offers several different services, it might be difficult for your customers to find the service they’re looking for.

Rather than make your customers scroll down endlessly, you can associate location and filter tags to each of your services. This way, each filter can have their own book now button associated to it.

booxi offers the possibility to filter your list of services or stores in order to display exactly what your customers are searching for. It allows you to maximize the number of call-to-action to convert your online visitors into customers with an appointment.

How Do Filters Work

There are 2 types of filters : the store location filter tag and the service filter tag.

The store location tag is used to filter the list of stores associated with a tag. This tag can be added in the Business Details of My Business section. You can use multiple tags, separated by commas, and each tag must be in one word (ex: at_home, vip).

The service tag is used to filter the list of services associated with a tag. This tag can be added in the Service Details and like the location tag, you can apply multiple tags separated by commas. For example, if you offer a service that is available at home, you can tag them that way (“at_home” or “athome” in one word, no space) so that your customers can find the services that are convenient for them.

How Do I Use Tags With the Book Now Button on My Website

You simply integrate booxi as usual with the addition of a simple locationTags or serviceTags parameter when creating a new button. Use the generator link to test before you implement, with the options Advanced and Create Buttons.

Which parameter to use:

  • locationTags: "mytag" : Allows you to filter your store locations using this tag, if you have multiple stores and enabled the store location selection.

  • serviceTags: "mytag" : Allows you to filter your services using this tag. Categories will be automatically filtered out if no services match this tag.

  • locationTags: "service:mytag" : Allows you to filter your store locations using a service tag, which means that booxi will filter out all locations that do not have at least one service matching this tag.

Service and Location tags can be combined using commas (as AND), but services will have to match all provided tags. Only service tags support OR expressions using the pipe “|” character, so services will have to match at least one of the provided tags.

  • AND example: serviceTags: "tag1,tag2"

  • OR example: serviceTags: "tag1|tag2"

  • AND with OR example: serviceTags: "tag1,tag2|tag3" which is tag1 AND (tag2 OR tag3)

On a Page Explaining a Service

If your customer is looking to book a specific service, you can create a button for that exact service. Your customer will easily find what they are looking for, and you can convert them easily in just a few clicks, at the right moment.

On a Page for a Specific Event

If you want to promote an event and increase the conversion rate, adding a book now button for that specific event is a great idea. Customers will have the ease of booking in only a few clicks.

You can tag the service to book any dates of that given event, but if you want booxi to show only a specific group (scheduled at a single date and time) the use of the eventId parameter is recommended.

Member Login Versus any Customer

If your website has a member login option, you can offer different service options to your members, in comparison to services for everyone. To do this, you simply add a tag “member” to the services available to your members and a tag “regular” to the services offered to everyone (or without login). Some services can have both tags “member,regular” so they are available in both cases (login or not).

Now when a user is not logged in, you use the parameter serviceTags: “regular” to create your book now button, and when the user is logged in your website, you use the serviceTags: “member”, and the right service list will be displayed.

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