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Rental Availability View
Updated over a week ago

We have added a new rental view that allows you to browse your inventory and see what is available now for a specific service, date and time. You can now simply select items and create a rental in a single click.

How it works

  1. Click on Calendar

    from the main menu, and make sure to be in your Rental Schedule

  2. Click on Availability View

  3. You can then lookup your available inventory for a specific service and pickup date and time

  4. Use the arrow to see upcoming pickup dates, or type in keywords to search for a specific color, size or brand. Booxi will search with the resource name and identification.

a) To reset the search filter, simply empty it and click on search again.

5. Check the items you would like to rent.

6.Right-click on the last selected item and select New Rental

7.The rental form will open with the selected items automatically added, and you can complete the reservation.

The availability view provides better visibility on your inventory and simplifies its booking; while the Pickup and Return views allow you to prepare ahead of your rental pickups and returns.

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