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Online Payment for Rental Reservations
Online Payment for Rental Reservations

Request online payment for your rental reservations when customers book online.

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You can now request an online payment when your customer books a rental reservation.

Booxi allows you to capture the payment by credit card in advance thanks to its integration with Stripe or Square.

Discover step by step how to set up online payment on your rental account.

Set up payment in Booxi account

1. Connect with Stripe or Square

Booxi can be integrated with both of these online payment systems. You can discover here how to connect your Stripe or Square account in Booxi.

This connection is the first requirement that allows you to request online payments.

2. Request Online Payment

Now that you have a way to collect a payment, it's time to set up your Booxi account to request online payment on selected services.

  1. Connect to your Booxi account

  2. Go to the Service tab

  3. Select the service you want to request payment

  4. In Service Details, add information about the payment (price and tax)

  5. Then, in Online Payment select «at Online Booking» and fill the amount you want to request in the field "Required Payment"

⚠️Important note

It is not possible to capture card information on rental services.

Pay your rental reservation online

After the customer has agreed to the policy and terms, he can proceed to the payment.

A pop up will appear and he can fill in his credit card information.

⚠️Important note

If the customer doesn't proceed to the payment in 15 minutes, a payment reminder email will be sent. There is no auto cancellation of the rental even. The auto cancel unpaid booking doesn't apply for rental services.

Track payment per rental

To observe payment status for each rental reservation :

  1. Go to the Calendar tab

  2. Select the rental calendar view

  3. In pickup view, all daily reservations will be listed

  4. Click on each reservation to observe the payment status

Payment report

If you want a global view of transactions, export a CSV report.

This report shows :

  • Subtotal (amount without tax)

  • The amount of your tax 1 and tax 2

  • The total amount of rental

  • The amount paid

  • And the balance

POS Integration

Just like for payment with Stripe or Square, we also have an integration with the POS system Lightspeed. If you wish to create an automatic sale to Lightspeed when payment has been received online, you can set it up in the Lightspeed configuration panel, under “Online Payment”.

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