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How to organize categories and define store order
How to organize categories and define store order

Organize your service offer by categories and define your store order to facilitate the search for your clients.

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When you need to create multiple stores within a Template we recommend organizing the stores in order to make it easier for staff and customers to find the store they are looking for.

You can separate your stores into different categories.

You can create new categories by clicking on the folder with a +.

You can always change the name of a category by clicking on the pen icon next to the category name.

You can reorder your categories by clicking on the three little dots at the top right of the stores list. Once you want to re-order you can bring categories up or down.

Store order

Once you have organized your categories you can equally re-order and organize your stores WITHIN their respective categories by bringing them up or down.

If you want to change the category your store belongs to you need to click on the Store → Business Details → Category.

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