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Setup and send reminder messages to your clients
Setup and send reminder messages to your clients

Schedule and send a reminder message to your clients to avoid no-shows!

Updated over a week ago

Reminder messages are texts (i.e. SMS*) or emails sent to customers to remind them of upcoming appointments. The customer chooses whether to receive reminders by SMS or email.

SMS/Email reminders are not sent between 10pm and 6am.

To activate this feature:

  1. Go to 'My Business' tab

  2. Access the' Booking Rules' section

  3. In the 'Reminder Delay' section, select the delay you want, then click Save.

For example: if you set a 24 hour delay your clients will receive the reminder notification(s) 24 hours before their appointment.


When the Reminder Delay is changed, its value will only be applied to new appointments. To update the reminder of a previously booked appointment, you must update its date and time. Scheduled group events will keep their original delay at the time of booking. Their delay will be applied to all related reservations.

If you wish to send an additional reminder to your clients prior to their appointment, consult the article How to Enable Additional Reminder.

*To send SMS messages to your clients, the feature needs to be activated on your account.

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