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How to manage group events using Booxi?
How to manage group events using Booxi?

Create and manage group events and activities easily.

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You would like to create group events or modify an existing group event ?

Follow this tutorial to

Create group services

First, create a group service for your class or activity, just as you would for a service by appointment. The only difference is the reservation type, which must be set to Group reservation when you create the service.

⚠️ Notes

No email notifications are sent to notify when new clients sign up for a group event. You can view the number of participants in your group session directly in your calendar.

A Booxi alert is made if a registration is completed within 24 hours.

If a client cancels his reservation, you will receive a notification by email and in Booxi (if the cancellation is made within 24 hours before the beginning of the group event).

Create group events

To create a group event, follow these steps:

  1. Go to the Calendar tab.

  2. Select the calendar of the person who will be offering the group service (class or activity).

  3. Right-click in the calendar on the desired time slot and select “New Group Availability”, or click on the New Group Availability button in the upper right corner.

  4. If necessary, adjust the choice of staff, date and time.

    To prevent the associated staff to be visible to clients in the Booking Widget, emails and tracking page, uncheck the option found under the service's details page.

  5. Select the service to be offered and, if needed, adjust the duration and location.

  6. Adjust the capacity (maximum number of attendees) if necessary. To prevent the number of places left to be visible in the Booking Widget, uncheck the option found under the service's details page.

  7. Click on Save

The group is now scheduled and customers can book online.


1. The duration, address, capacity and price are automatically updated based on the information provided in your service offer.

You can always modify this information group by group created in the calendar.

2. Make sure to put your group service online in the Services section in order to make the online reservation available.

3. When the event is created, it will copy the booking rules of your service and your business (reminder delay, etc...). If you change the booking rules AFTER creating the event, booking rules will not be updated.

Copy a group event

Use the Copy option to quickly duplicate your service of group events.

For this:

  1. Go on the Calendar tab

  2. Right-click on the group event you would like to duplicate

  3. Select Copy

  4. Go to the time slot where you would like to create a new group event

  5. Right-click and click on Copy

A new group event is now scheduled in the calendar and available for online booking.

⚠️ Attendees are not copied paste.

Easily locate a group event

When making an appointment by phone, you can find the requested group in two ways. For example, in order to find Nathalie’s Monday’s 4:00 pm group, you can look at Nathalie's calendar on the requested date. Or, click on the search bar at the top and middle of your screen.

Modify existing group events

To modify the details of a group already scheduled, click on the group's time slot in the calendar and click on the Edit button at the right of the details at the top of the form.

Participant(s) already registered in the group:

You can only change staff, group capacity and price if participants are already registered.

If you want to change other information such as the date, time or location, make sure you delete the participation of all your customers first.

⚠️ If you change the price, this change will not be communicated and will not apply to attendees who already registered.

No participants registered in the group:

If there aren’t any participants registered in the group, you can make all the changes you want such as the date, time or location.

Delete group events

To delete a group events, you will need to cancel all reservations at first.

To delete a group event, follow these steps:

  1. Go on the Calendar tab

  2. Right-click on the group event you would like to cancel

  3. Select Delete

The group event will disappear from the calendar.

Click here to manage reservations and attendees.

You can hide the places left

You can now hide the number of places left for group event in the booking widget - a great marketing tool to create a sense of urgency to book, not knowing that there are 1000 places left.

To do this, go to the service details and deselect the corresponding box

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