Creating group services

First, create a group service for your class or activity, just as you would for a service by appointment. The only difference is the reservation type, which must be set to Group reservation when you create the service.

Click here for the article on creating services.

Important notes: No email notifications are sent to notify when new clients sign up for a group session. You can view the number of participants in your group session directly in your calendar.

A Booxi-alert is made if a registration is completed within 24 hours.

If a client cancels his reservation, you will receive a notification by email and in Booxi (if the cancellation is made within 24 hours before the group session).

Managing a Group booking

By adding time slots to a staff member's calendar, you can plan the availability of a group.

  1. Go to the Calendar section.

  2. View the calendar of the person who will be offering the group service (class or activity).

  3. Right-click in the calendar on the desired time slot and select “New Group Availability”, or click on the New Group Availability button in the upper right corner.

  4. If necessary, adjust the choice of staff, date and time.

  5. Select the service to be offered and, if needed, adjust the duration and location.

  6. Adjust the capacity (maximum number of attendees) if necessary.

  7. Click on Save. The group is now scheduled and customers can book online.

Notes :

1. The duration, address, capacity and price are automatically updated based on the information provided in your service offer.

You can always modify this information group by group created in the calendar.

2. Make sure to put your group service online in the Services section in order to make the online reservation available.

Easily Locate a Group

When making an appointment by phone, you can find the requested group in two ways. For example, in order to find Nathalie’s Monday’s 4:00 pm group, you can look at Nathalie's calendar on the requested date. Or, click on the search bar at the top and middle of your screen.

Changing a group that has already been scheduled

To modify the details of a group already scheduled, click on the group's time slot in the calendar and click on the Edit button at the right of the details at the top of the form.

Participant(s) already registered in the group:

You can only change staff, group capacity and price if participants are already registered.

If you want to change other information such as the date, time or location, make sure you delete the participation of all your customers first (see section below).

Important note : if you change the price, this change will not be communicated and will not apply to customers already registered.

No participants registered in the group:

If there aren’t any participants registered in the group, you can make all the changes you want such as the date, time or location.

Adding participants (manually)

You can take reservations by phone and add them in Booxi by following these steps:

  1. Go to the calendar section and find the time slot associated with the desired group, then click on the group session to open the list of reservations.

  2. Then, click on the “Add Reservation” button at the top of the list of reservations for this group.

3. Once you have accessed the form to add reservations, adjust the number of participants and the price per person if necessary.

4. Click on Options to access the options that let you to disable sending messages to participants (for a surprise or gift) and add a note to the reservation. The reservation request section is sent in the confirmation and reminder email.

5. Enter the partial name or phone number of your customer to find them among your customers, or complete the customer information if it’s a new customer. Booxi will automatically add them to your customer list.

6. Adjust the email or text reminder preferences.

7. If the person requesting the reservation is not one of the participants, you can deselect the “Client is attending” option.

8. Complete the required information for all participants. Type the name and email address to send an email reminder, then the mobile phone number for a text reminder. Don't forget to select reminder preferences (based on the customer's choice).

9. For each participant, you can add a note for additional requests (such as allergies).

10. Once completed, click on Save to add the reservation. If an error occurs, Booxi will inform you of the reason. In some cases, such as exceeding the capacity, you have the option to decide whether to accept the reservation anyway or change it.

The number of participants and places available are automatically adjusted. The client and all attendees receive a confirmation by email (unless you have selected the option “Do not send messages to attendees” - the confirmation is then only sent to the client even if he doesn’t participate).

Cancelling a reservation

You can select several reservations and cancel them with a single click.

To do this :

  1. Click on the corresponding group session.

  2. Select the reservation(s) that you want to cancel.

  3. Click on the icon on the top right.

4. Select “Cancel Reservation”

Important note: If you cancel the participation of a client or an attendee, the entire reservation is canceled. You can also see between ( ) the number of reservations you are cancelling.

5. Confirm the cancellation. Participants will receive an email notifying them of the cancellation of their participation. The client, if he isn't attending, will also receive a cancelation email for this reservation.

Important note : if the option “Do not send messages to participants” is checked, the participants will not receive an email.

You can see the cancellations for a group by following the steps.

Cancelling an attendee

You can remove an attendee from an existing reservation without having to delete the whole reservation.

To do this :

  1. Click on the corresponding group session.

  2. Select the reservation where you need to remove an attendee.

  3. On the attendee profile, click on the x to remove his participation.

Important notes :

  1. The attendee removed will receive a cancelation email and the client an email notifying that his reservation has been modified. If the option “Do not send messages to participants” is checked, the attendee removed will not receive a cancelation email.

  2. It is not possible to remove the participation of the client who did the reservation. Removing the client implicates deleting the whole reservation.

Changing the status of a reservation or attendee

We just went through the steps on how to cancel the participation of one or more participants.

Just like with appointments, you can indicate if the attendee has arrived or if the appointment has been missed. Then you can complete the group session.

  1. Click on the corresponding group session.

  2. Select the corresponding reservation or attendee.

  3. Click on the icon in the upper right-hand corner.

4. Select Client Arrived or No-Show!.

The number in brackets indicates the number of attendees selected.

Once you have done this for all participants, you can complete the group session:

  1. Right click on the corresponding group session.

  2. Click on Complete.

All entries will be completed. Therefore, it’s important to assign a status to each participant before completing the group session.

A group session will always be completed automatically based on the rules set up in My Business section, under Booking Rules.

Important note: even if the automatic completion is off, Booxi will still use the delay set up below to automatically complete a group session.

Reservation list and participants

To view the reservations and the attendees, simply open the group by clicking on its time slot in the staff calendar.

You will then be able to see the number of available, reserved and total places, in addition to the list of reservations and the attendees. The names of the clients who have made reservations will also be displayed, as well as the names of the attendees.

The coloured line and the icon will show you the status of the reservation and the attendees. Green means it’s approved and purple means it’s a missed appointment.

The client will not participate and has only booked:

The client is participating:

 The attendee is present (Client has arrived) :

The attendee is absent (No-Show!) :

Important note: The group appears in green in the calendar if the maximum capacity is reached.

You can also print the attendance list directly from the group created in the calendar.

To do this, click on the icon in the upper right-hand corner and choose Print attendance list.

Online appointment booking for groups

Your customers will be able to easily book their place online, from your Booxi page, or through your website.

Make sure you put your group service online in the Services section.

This can be done with the following steps:

  1. Click on the Book Now button.

  2. Select the desired service (or activity).

  3. Add the number of participants.

  4. Select the option “Do not send messages to participants” if the client wishes to keep the participation a secret (such as a gift for example).

  5. Select a group session.

  6. Choose a time from the time slots you have entered.

  7. Fill in the client's information just as for a regular appointment.

  8. If the client is not participating in the session, they should untick the option “Add me to reservation attendee list” which is checked by default.

  9. For each attendee fill in the first name and last name. There is the option to add an email and phone number and select their preferences for automated reminders (whether it’s by email or text message). If necessary, add an additional request.

10. Complete the booking by validating the terms and conditions.

The client, and the attendees, will then receive a confirmation email and a reminder email or text message (if the option Do not send messages to participants has not been selected and the reminder option has been checked).

Managing groups and reservations has never been so quick and easy!

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