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How to set up your Booxi account to answer the specific needs of your escape room business?
How to set up your Booxi account to answer the specific needs of your escape room business?

Set up your rooms, your packages and your prices in only a few clicks and activate online booking.

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In order to offer online booking for your escape room business:

Create your rooms in 2 steps:

1. Step 1: Services Tab

  • Go on the Services tab,

  • Click on the “Add a new category” icon, and add the name of your first room.

For example, here it’s the Category “Mission : Casino” 

  • Repeat these steps for all your rooms. 

2. Step 2 : Personnel Tab

  • Go on the Personnel tab, and click on the “Add a new personnel” icon. 

  • In the field “First name” add for example “Mission” and in the field “Name” enter the name of your room. 

  • Add your generic business email address and click on the New button. - Then go to the section “Work Schedules” and according to your needs, select the option “Business Hours”, or “Weekly Schedules”. 

Create your packages, according to the numbers of players:

  • Go on the Services Tab,

  • Click on the “Add a new service” icon,

  • Create a first package indicating the name of the room and the maximum number of players.
    For example: Mission : Casino - 3 Attendees 

  • Then select the name of the category (in my case it’s Mission : Casino) and click on New. 

  • In the “Service Details” section, enter the duration of the game (ex: 45 minutes) and the total price for the indicated number of players (in my example, 75$ for 3 attendees), and click on Save. 

  • Then go on the “Assigned Personnel” section, and check the case of the corresponding room. Then click on Save.

  • Repeat these steps for every rooms, according to the number of packages that you offer.
    In my example, I have 4 packages options:
    One for 3 players,
    One for 4 players,
    One for 5 players and
    One for 6 players

  • Repeat these steps for all your rooms. 

Additional Features 

Then you can easily access Rooms calendar, by clicking on the Calendar tab, then by selecting the Room Schedules of your choice. (You can also see many rooms schedules at the same time). 

If you want to add online payment here are the steps to follow.

Then all you have to do is to turn your booxi account online, add the book now button directly on your Website and your customers will be able to book online. 

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