Access the calendar list view

Access and consult your daily bookings in a list format to easily see your booking flow.

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You can now look at your daily bookings in a list format.

The calendar day and week views are great to look at for planning purposes for a few employees, but the list view provides a better option to quickly analyze your booking flow. For example, you can look at bookings for a specific service or that includes a certain keyword.

Here are a few examples of Booking List View usage:

  1. View how many bookings you have for a specific service

  2. View all the bookings of all your staffs at once

  3. Use this list to process curbside pickup bookings

Go to a Specific Date

We have removed the icon to jump to a specific date, but you can still do this action by clicking on the date as shown below.

How to use the List View

This new option is available from the calendar section, as a new view mode.

Follow these steps:

1. Go in the Calendar section

2. Click on the List View icon

3. From there, you have the option to look at different booking types depending on your subscription

a. Select Appointments to view your one on one bookings

b. Select Reservations to view your group bookings

c. Select Rentals to view your rental bookings

4. You can then view all your bookings or only the ones of a specific service by selecting a service.

5. You also have the option to filter the results using a keyword search such as a client’s name, phone, email, and booking ID.

6. Click on a booking to open it. It’s as simple as that!

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