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How to create and set-up new stores
How to create and set-up new stores

Create new stores from the Head-Office in a few clicks.

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Make sure your initial account is a template account in order to continue setting up your stores.

The first step in creating child stores from your initial template is to go through the process of creating new stores.

Once you select the option to “Add a New Store” you will go through some steps :

Give your store the appropriate name, and add them to the right category. The account owner email option is by default the email address of the owner of the template. You can choose to change it to another one (it doesn’t by default give the owner of the store the access to the template).

The option to “Create a user access for me” is available in case you need to give another email as owner, but still want your access to that account as well.

The other options required in order to create a new store is to fill in the owner name and last name.

The option to Copy Template services is there to add all the services that you created in your Template account (so you don’t have to create them manually in your new store). If you don’t tick the box your new account will be created empty of services.

Lastly you have to agree to the purchase in order to click on new.

Make sure you select the right country in the Business Details in order to have the store in the right timezone.

You will notice every new store has its own identification ID.

Setting up a new store from within the list of “My Stores”

  • Business Details

To change the Business Details, refer to our support page.

  • Open Hours

To change the Opening Hours, refer to our support page.

  • Booking Rules

To change the Booking Rules, refer to our support page.

  • Assigned Services

The assigned services will list all the services you have created in your Template store. If you haven’t already decided to assign all your services at the moment of the creation of the store, you can control which services will be duplicated at this stage.

  • Assigned Personnel

The assigned personnel refers to the personnel created directly in the Template, which will have access to the subsequent store. This is not the option to create the personnel for this store specifically, you will have to log into the store directly to create the dedicated staff.

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