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How to book a group event (from the client's perspective)
How to book a group event (from the client's perspective)

Understand the booking process your customers will follow when booking a group event.

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Your customers will be able to easily book their place online, from your Booxi page, or through your website.

Make sure to list your group service (i.e. toggle 'Online') in the Services section.

This can be done with the following steps:

  1. Click the 'Book Now' button

  2. Select the desired service (or activity)

  3. Add the number of participants

  4. Select the option “Do not send messages to participants” if the client wishes to keep the participation a secret (such as a gift).

  5. Select a group session.

  6. Fill in the client's information just as for a regular appointment.

  7. If the client is not participating in the session, they should untick the option “Add me to reservation attendee list” which is checked by default.

  8. Fill in the first name and last name of each attendee. There is the option to add an email and phone number and select their preferences for automated reminders (whether it’s by email or text message). If necessary, add an additional request.

  9. Complete the booking by validating the terms and conditions.

The client and the attendees will then receive a confirmation email and a reminder email or text message (if the option "Do not send messages to participants" has not been selected and the reminder option has been checked).

Managing groups and reservations has never been so quick and easy!

⚠️The status of your staff has an impact on group events :

  • All staff are offline

    All events are visible when booking

  • All staff are Available online

    All events are visible at booking and staff selection is also available

  • Some staff are Available online and others are offline

    Only the events assigned to staff which are available online are displayed and the staff selection is available only for the staff with online status.


  • Reservations are configured through the booking rules of the business and the service when the reservation is taken. If there is a modification of the booking rules (e.g. reminder delay), it will be applied only to new reservations.

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