The integration of booxi with Square is very simple. Follow the following steps to learn how to set it up: 

1. Sign in your Square Dashboard in one browser tab and in booxi in another tab, so you can easily switch from one to another, just like you can switch from your app and the browser on your tablet.

2. Let’s start by activating the Square integration in booxi.

  • Click on My Business Tab 
  • Then select Integration Modules,
  • In this section you can see the Square Module. Simply click on the ON/OFF switch to activate it. 

3. To connect booxi with Square, you must authorise your booxi account to access your Square account. To do it: 

  • Click Sign in Square. 
  • Enter your Square sign in email and password, and click on Sign in.
  • Now click on Allow here and that’s it, you are connected.

4. Now make sure to associate this booxi account to the right Square store location as you could have multiple store locations.

Keep Enable CRM Sync ON to sync you Square customer list with your booxi client list.

Click Save and you are done

5. You can now start accepting payment for appointments and reservations from your booxi calendar.

You can setup your services to request an online payment at booking, send an email to receive an online payment, or simply accept a payment in person using your Square POS.

6. Every time a new client is added to booxi wether it is from an online booking, or a booking by phone, booxi also makes sure to add that new client to Square. However, it is recommended to do a first Sync between booxi and Square, to start with the full list on both sides. To do it:

  • Click on the Client tab,
  • Click on the Option icon, and then on the option "Sync with Square CRM".
  • Then click on the green button Sync to synchronize your two CRM. 

7.  And you're done. You can now manage your appointments and take payments directly from your booxi calendar, or from your POS app. It’s all integrated, and simple to use.

Accept Online Payment Using Square

Once you have enabled the Square module in your booxi account, you can also start accepting online payment at the time of booking for selected services. You simply need to configure your individual services to request an online payment in part or in full to complete the booking.

  1. Go to your service list, and select a service
  2. Click on Service Details to edit the service
  3. Scroll down to the Online Payment option and select At Online Booking
  4. Set the Requested Payment to a partial amount, or the full amount or the service
  5. Click on Save, and you’re done. From now on, an online payment will be required to book this service online.
  6. Repeat these steps for any other service requiring online payment.

Track Payments

You can easily track the payment status of your appointments and reservations from your booxi calendar, as long as you always initiate in person payment from booxi, or take online payment using Square.

  1. Click on an appointment
  2. Scroll down to Payment details
  3. Expand the payment status and access the details

Final tips:

Make sure to set up your business taxes, so Square takes them into account when processing payments.
To set them up, follow this steps:

  • Go to My Business tab, 
  • Then click on "My Business Details",
  • Scroll down to the Taxes section, and complete the following fields.
  • Click on Save and you're done. 

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