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How to book multiple services in the same appointment
How to book multiple services in the same appointment

From the back-office, manually book up to 5 services in the same appointment.

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A customer calls you and wants to book an appointment with multiple services.

You can create appointment with multi-service by following these steps :

  1. Create a new appointment like you usually do

  2. Then click on the sign + at the bottom of the appointment form : 

3. Then select the service you want. Repeat as needed
4. And click on Save, and you're done

Your customer will receive one confirmation by email with the total duration of the appointment, and one reminder for all the services booked. 

⚠️ You can have up to 5 services in one appointment. If you want to add more you will have to create a new appointment.

Note: Clients can now book multi-service online in one booking. All services booked will be written in the confirmation email sent to the customers.

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