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How to create appointments in your calendar

Add appointments directly in your calendar or in another personnel's calendar.

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Your client asked to book an appointment which is not available online or you want to add an appointment to a closest time ? There might be multiple reasons you might need to manually create appointments directly in your calendar.

Follow the steps below to set it up.

1. Create a new appointment 

From the Calendar tab, you have two options to do it,

A. By right-clicking on the exact time slot and by choosing the New Appointment option:

B. By using the New Appointment button: 

2. Select the service

You can add up to 5 services. 

  • Select the service of the appointment

    The service list associated to the calendar you're on will be displayed at first.
    By default the properties of the service selected will be added, but you can update these if you need:

If the selected service requires the client to answer a survey, you can manually insert the answers.

  • To add another service, click the sign + at the bottom of the frame and repeat the selection of services (optional)

Note: When appointments have multiple services, clients will only receive one reminder, with the total duration of all the services. 

3. Assign to the right personnel

By default Booxi assigns the appointment to the personnel associated with the calendar you selected. You can easily change it by selecting someone else in the list. 

You can easily access the personnel's calendar by clicking on the personnel icon.

Note : if the client specifically asked for a staff, you can check the box “Requested by client”. This will add a star in the appointment slot.

4. Select the resource

If the service you're willing to book is associated to a resource, the selection of the associated resource is requested. You can access the resource availability by clicking on the resource icon.

5. Add a client to the appointment

Now you can choose an existing client or create a new one when booking an appointment.

  • To select an existing client, simply start typing Firstname or Lastname of the client in the Client's fields. Booxi will display some possible matches. Click on the right client to automatically fill in the rest of the client information .

  • If this is a new client, fill in all the fields on the appointment form. If Booxi doesn’t find any match then a new client will be created automatically

6. Add a request for the appointment

Your client mentioned something specific you have to remember ? Add it in the special request section. This request will be included in the confirmation email sent to your client. 

You can also add a quick note which won't be displayed in the client transactional emails.

7. Select the communication option

By default, the communication option is set up to “Approve without client confirmation”. If you don't need to send a communication email to your client, select “Do not send a message to the client”.


Appointments are configured with the booking rules of the business and the service when the appointment is taken. If there is a modification of the booking rules, it will only apply to new appointments.

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