Do you need to take a few days off or you have a last minute inventory? You can easily block a desired time slot in your Booxi calendar.

1. If it is a one-time change

Follow these steps:

• Go to the Calendar tab and select your calendar

• Right-click on the time slot you want to block and select the "New time slot" option

• Select "Busy time slot" and enter the start and end time

• Enter a description if necessary (optional)

• Click on Save

You will then see a busy time slot appear in red in your calendar and customers will not be able to request an appointment during this time slot.

2. If this is a recurring, busy time slot you can also just change your work schedule

Follow these steps:

• Go to the Personal tab

• Select your profile

• Click on Work Schedule

• Select Weekly Working Schedule. Make sure you only indicate the time slots you are available

• Click on Save

Note: Click here for an article that explains in details the different working hours available in Booxi.

3. Copy the day or the week

If the busy time slot repeats itself over several days or weeks, you can copy and paste these time slots over a longer period of time.

For this :

• Once you've created your busy time slot, right-click on the busy and select the option : Copy Day or Copy Week.

• Once the day of the week copied, go on the day or the week where you want to apply busy time slots.

• Right-click on the day where you want to add a time slot or on the date of a day of the week if you want to copy an entire week.

• Select Paste Day or Paste Week depending on your previous choice.

i) If you copy/paste a day or a week, you can decide whether or not to overwrite the time slots already shown in the calendar. To overwrite time slots, click on "Replace all time slots", then click on Confirm.

ii) If you have a group session scheduled on a day or week you want to paste, you will be able to select exactly what you want to adjust. Then click confirm.

You can repeat this step as many times as you like. This option is very handy when you're adding vacation days!

4. Delete a busy time slot from the calendar

• Right-click on the busy time slot

• Click on Delete

This time slot is available for online booking again.

5. Change a busy time slot in the calendar

• Right-click on the busy time slot

• Select Review

• Make your changes

• Click on Save

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