1. Add a new appointment to the Calendar 

You have two options to do it :

  • By clicking the exact time slot and choosing the New Appointment option:

  • By using the New Appointment button: 

2. Add services to the appointment

You can add as many services as needed. 

  • Select the first service of the appointment.
    By default the settings for this service will be added, but you can update these if you need:

  • To add another service, click the sign + at the bottom of the frame and repeat the selection of services.

Note: When appointments have multiple services, customers will only receive one reminder, with the total duration of all the services. 

3. Assign to the right personnel

By default booxi assigns the personnel associated with the calendar you selected.You can easily change it by selecting someone else in the list. 

4. Add a customer to the appointment

Now you can choose an existing customer or create a new one when booking an appointment.

  • To select an existing customer, simply start typing name of phone number of the customer in the Client field. booxi will show you some possible matches. Click on the correct customer to finish the booking.

  • To create a new customer, fill up all the field on the appointment form. If booxi doesn’t find any matches then a new customer will be created.

5. Add a note for the appointment

Your customer mention something specific you have to remember about?Add it in the Notes section.This notes will be included in the confirmation email send to your client. 

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