Appointments booked in Booxi are always subject to change. Clients may need to reschedule appointments or may request for more services.

To modify an appointment in Booxi, you have 2 options.

1. Drag an appointment to a new time

From the Calendar tab,

  • Click and hold an appointment

  • Drag it to a new time or day on the calendar

  • Release the appointment once you've chosen the new time

  • A pop up appears with options to notify your customers 

  1. Request client confirmation

    An email is sent to the client to request his confirmation about the modification. From the email, the client can send a new proposal or decline the change. Until the client hasn't confirmed the modification, the appointment will be displayed in blue.

  2. Approve without client confirmation:

    An email is sent to the client to notify him about the change.

  3. Do no send a message to the client

    No email is sent to the client to notify him about the change.

  • Select the option you prefer and click on Move. It's done

2.  Use the Edit option

From the Calendar tab,

  • Select the appointment that you want to change and right-click on it. Among the options, select Edit

  • The appointment form appears and you can edit the appointment as needed: you can change the date, the hour, the service, or the associated employee and update your customer contact information

  • Scroll down to the "Options" and select the way you want to notify your client

  • Click on Save, and you're done

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