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How to manage resources (such as rooms and equipments) for your appointments
How to manage resources (such as rooms and equipments) for your appointments

Booxi allows to manage your resources such as rooms or equipments for your appointments.

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Your service offer requires the management of resources such as rooms or specific equipments? You can create and manage resources in Booxi to offer appointments.

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What are resources and why it can be useful?

Resources are a way to manage the availability of your materials. Do you share tools, rooms or machines with other staff members? You can create them as resources on Booxi so you know when it is available.

If you link your resource to a service, your service will be bookable only if the resource needed is available.

How to create a resource?

To create a resource, follow these steps:

  1. Go to the Resource tab

  2. Click on the "Add a new resource" button

  3. Give a name to the resource

  4. Assign a category to the resource

  5. In resource Type select "For appointments"

  6. Click on "New"

  7. Assign the services that require this resource

  8. Click on “Availability Schedule” to customize the availability schedule for this resource by choosing Open Business Hours, Weekly Work Schedule, or Calendar

  9. Click on “Booking Rules” to share the resource's calendar with other personnel and set up booking interval

  10. Repeat this process for all the rooms and equipment you have

For resources that you would like to rent, you can consult this article.

How to access a resource's calendar?

You can access the calendar of each resource by clicking on the calendar tab, the same way you access each personnel’s calendar. From there, click on the Resources to access the choice of resources, and select a resource. You can also add a mix of resource and personnel calendars in your daily view.

How to manually book an appointment that requires a resource?

When you add an appointment to your calendar (for a service that requires a resource), you can select and book a resource for this appointment.

In the appointment window, simply click on the list of resources and select one. Only the resources assigned to the service will be displayed. The list will also show you the availability of the resource according to the time of the appointment.

Once the resource is selected and the appointment is added, Booxi will add the appointment to the selected resource’s calendar and block it. If the appointment cannot be completed, Booxi will advise you of the problem.

⚠️ Important

You can only add one resource per appointment.

The resource will automatically be blocked when a new service (requiring a resource) has been booked online.

How to delete a resource?

If you do not need this resource anymore, delete it in a few clicks :

  1. Go to the Resource tab

  2. Select the resource you would like to delete

  3. Click on the Options menu

  4. Click on Delete

  5. The resource has been deleted

⚠️ Important notice

If the resource is used for an upcoming appointment, you will get a warning message. If you delete the resource anyway, it will not cancel the upcoming appointments.

That’s it, as simple as that!
You can now relieve yourself of the headache of managing resource availability.

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