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How to set up the integration between Square and Booxi
How to set up the integration between Square and Booxi
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In this article, you will find more info on how to :

A. Activate your Square account in Booxi

B. Accept online payments with Square

A. Activate Your Square Account

The integration of Booxi with Square is very simple. To configure the integration between Square and Booxi, we recommend you to connect to your Square account in one window and to your Booxi account in another window. This way, you'll move from one to another more easily.

  1. Sign in your Booxi account, and click on My Business.

  2. Select the Integration Modules section, and select the Square module.

3. Turn the module on by clicking on the ON/OFF switch – a setup dialog will pop up.

4. In the pop-up displayed, click on “Sign in Square”

5. Fill in your Square email address and password and click on Sign in.

6. Click then on Allow. That's it, you are connected.

Now make sure to associate this Booxi account to the right Square store location as you could have multiple store locations.

Comment : keep Enable CRM Sync ON to sync you Square customer list with your booxi client list.

7. Click on Save and you're done.

Sync up your client list

Every time a new client is added to Booxi, Booxi also makes sure to add that new client to Square. However, it is recommended to do a first sync up between Booxi and Square, to start with the full list on both sides.

Follow these steps to do it :

  1. In your booxi account, click on the Clients tab

  2. Click on the Option icon, and then on the option "Sync with Square CRM".

3. Then click on the green button Sync to synchronize your two CRM. You're done.

You can now manage your appointments and take payments directly from your Booxi calendar, or from your POS app. It’s all integrated, and simple to use.

B. How to Accept Online Payment Using Square

Once you have enabled the Square module in your Booxi account, you can also start accepting online payment at the time of booking for selected services. You simply need to configure your individual services to request an online payment in part or in full to complete the booking.

For appointments and group reservations :

  • You will be able to request a full payment of the service, or a fixed amount (such as a deposit or reservation fee).

  • This payment can be requested during the online booking process, or by email just after the booking is completed, leaving your client more time to pay.

  • You can accept a payment in person with the Square app.

  • It is not possible to Capture Card Info with Square.

  • The amount requested is per attendee.

Note : your client will receive a warning at the end of the online booking mentioning that an online payment is required to complete the booking.

If you selected the option By Email, an email will be sent to the client with the necessary information.

Auto-cancel unpaid booking

If you select the At Online Booking or By Email option during the online booking process, you can decide to automatically cancel the booking if the payment is not done within the 15 minutes after the booking request. For this, go to the section My Business and select Booking Rules, scroll down and activate the option “Auto-Cancel Unpaid Booking” (so it becomes blue). Then click on Save to validate your modification.

To adjust the online payment settings of a service

  1. Go to your Services section and select a service for which you would like to request a payment.

  2. From that service profile, click on Service Details. Scroll down to locate the Online Payment settings (these will only be shown if you have activated your online payment processor module).

  3. Select the option you prefer (At Online Booking, By Email) or select Disabled (no payment requested).

  4. Set the Required Payment amount, to the full amount of the service, or a fix amount, for example 10% as a deposit.

  5. Click on Save, and you’re done.

  6. Repeat these steps for all services that require online payment.

Important Information :

  • Remember that if you set a required amount equal to the total service price, Booxi will assume that you want to charge the service in full, so if the total to be paid varies when booking (for example multiple attendees), the total amount will be requested. Also, if you book multiple services, you can mix services that require a payment in full, partial, or even no payment, and Booxi will calculate the amount in respect of each service settings.

  • When your clients pay with Square, they receive a receipt by email.

Your Clients Can Pay Online in Simplicity

When booking online, your client will be informed that a payment is required, just before confirming his booking. Once he has confirmed his booking, he will be requested to pay online using any major credit cards through the secured Square online payment system, within the Booxi booking process.

  • If the payment is successfully completed, the client will receive an appointment confirmation email from Booxi, and a payment confirmation email from Square.

  • If the option of automatic cancellation after 15 minutes is activated and the payment fails, the reservation will be automatically canceled after 15 minutes. You and the customer will be informed of this.

  • If the option of automatic cancellation after 15 minutes is not activated and the payment fails, a reminder payment is sent to your client.

  • Since communication is important here, the client must provide an email address at booking when a payment is required.

You Can Easily Track Who Paid Online

  • Each group reservation will inform you of the current payment status and the associated balance to be paid.

  • Each appointment will indicate if a payment has been requested and completed.

Color status quickly inform you of what to expect in terms of payment.

  • Blue : when a payment has been requested and you await this payment from the client.

  • Yellow : when a balance is left and you need to request that payment.

  • Green : when everything is paid.

Booxi currently only tracks online payment information, so you need to continue tracking payment the way you use to, while taking advantage of accepting online payment (see below).

Capture Payment in Person or Over the Phone

For any group reservation or appointment, you can process an online payment, or capture that a manual payment was completed. This way you can track all your reservations and appointments payment status.

To capture payment information :

For an appointment :

  1. Right click on an appointment select “Take a Payment” to open the payment dialog.

  2. Or open an appointment and select the top menu and option Take a Payment.

  3. You may also set a required amount for a new appointment before saving it the first time. The payment pop up will automatically open.

For a group reservation :

  1. Open a group reservation and select the top menu and option Take a Payment.

  2. You may also set a required amount for a new group reservation before saving it the first time. The payment pop up will automatically open.

To capture an online payment for your client (via Square), using his credit card information, follow these steps:

  1. Set the payment method to Square Online

  2. Set the required amount

  3. Click on Confirm

  4. The Square payment system will appear. You can complete the payment providing the client email and credit card information.

  5. The payment status will change for Paid.

To send a payment request email to your client, follow these steps:

  1. Set the payment method to Email

  2. Set the required amount

  3. Click on Confirm.

  4. The payment status will change to Requested.

To register a manual payment cash or using a payment processor terminal, follow these steps:

  1. Set the payment method to Other

  2. Set the required amount

  3. Click on Confirm.

  4. The payment status will change for Paid.

For each appointment and reservation, you can expand the payment status to review the details of each payment completed (using Square, or manual). For this, click on the booking information.

Regarding refunds :

When an appointment is cancelled by the customer or the merchant, the refund will have to be manually processed in the Square platform after the confirmation of the cancellation in Booxi.

Final tips

Make sure to set up your business taxes, so Square takes them into account when processing payments.
To set them up, follow this steps:

  • Go to My Business tab, 

  • Then click on "My Business Details",

  • Scroll down to the Taxes section, and complete the following fields.

  • Enable Tax Calculation.

  • Click on Save and you're done. 

⚠️Important : The invoice in Square will only display the total amount paid without split between subtotal and taxes.

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