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How to send instant SMS and/or Email messages to your clients
How to send instant SMS and/or Email messages to your clients
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While certain businesses, such as pet shops and bike shops, often need to inform their clients once a service or repair is done, any type of business may need to communicate quickly with a customer. For example, a massage therapist who is running late on their appointments for the day might want to notify their upcoming customers of the delay. With booxi, this is something that can be done quickly and easily! While normally, you would need to call each customer to inform them of repair or service completion, with booxi you could:

  • Send a notification as soon as the service is completed.

  • Quickly select a preset message.

  • View all the messages you sent for a specific appointment or to a specific customer.

Here's how it works!

Send a Message From an Appointment

You can notify a customer from an appointment in your booxi calendar.

1. Right click on an appointment and select Notify Client.

2. A form appears, where you can select the way you want to notify your customer (by email, by SMS or by call) and the message (write your own message or select a predefined message you have set up).

Notes : The SMS option will not be displayed is there is no mobile phone number associated to the client. Also note that the SMS option does not allow your client to answer back, it is only a one-way communication.

The Email option will not be displayed if there is no email address associated to the client.

3. Write your message and then click on Send. Your customer will instantly receive the message in their inbox (Email option) or on their smartphone (SMS option).

The Call option allows you to simply take notes of what has been discussed with the customer over the phone or notes about a voicemail you left to the client. Once your notes have been added, click on Save. booxi does not send a voicemail to the customer for you.

4. You can now see, directly in your calendar, that a notification was sent for that appointment with an icon that appears in the corner of it.

5. From the appointment form, by clicking on Appointment Messages, you have access to all the messages sent for this specific appointment.

Send a Message from the Client summary

You can also notify a client from the client summary in your booxi account.

  1. Go on the Clients tab of your booxi account.

  2. Search for the client you want to send a notification to.

  3. Select the client to display the summary.

  4. Click on Notify Client.

4. A form will appear and you can follow the same process to send a notification to your client.

Edit and Add Preset Messages

You can create preset messages that suit your needs, and you can modify it once it is created, as well as add new ones. Here's how to do it:

1. Right click on an appointment and select Notify Client.
2. From there, select how you want to notify your customer (Email, SMS or Call).
3. In the Preset Message section, click on the Add icon. 

4. You can then add a name for the preset message, and then write the text you want and click on Save. 

5. You can now use it by clicking on the drop down menu on the Preset message section. 

6. If you need to modify a preset message, select it and click on the Edit icon. 

7. The Edit preset message popup will appear and you will be able to modify the message. Click on Save to keep your changes, or Delete to delete the message completely.

Notes : you can also add preset messages or modify it from the client's summary.

View the Message History

You can access the list of messages sent for a specific appointment or to a specific customer at any time. 

  • To see the Message History for one particular appointment, right click on it, and click on the option Appointment Messages.

  • To see the Message History for one particular client, from the Client Summary (in the Client list), select the option Message History.

With this personalized message feature you can improve your customer experience and save even more time.

If you'd like to add this feature to your booxi account, give us a call! 😀

*SMS delivery won't be feasible due to regulations for these following countries : Oman, Niger, Ghana, Senegal, and Zimbabwe

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