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How to see the cancellations for a group
How to see the cancellations for a group
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If you are planning a group, you have access to the list of reservations. From this feature you are able to view cancellations.

Here are the steps to view them:

1. Go to the Calendar tab.

2. Select the calendar associated with the event for which you want to view the cancellations.

3. Click on the desired event or group.

4. The event window opens with the list of attendees.

5. Then click on the Options icon at the top of the booking form

6. And click on the option "Show cancellations".

7. You are then able to see all the people who canceled for this event / group.

Important note :

  1. When a client cancels the participation to a group session, all participations linked to the reservation are cancelled. All attendees receive a notification by email mentioning that their participation has been cancelled. No email is sent to attendees if the option Do not send messages to attendees is activated.

  2. You received an email when a client cancels the reservation to a group session. If the cancellation is done within 24 hours before the group session, an alert is also displayed in booxi.

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