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Integrate Booxi Appointment Booking with Square
Integrate Booxi Appointment Booking with Square
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Square is a great payment tool that allows business owners of all sizes easily accept payments, whether it’s with a terminal, a reader with a contactless chip, or a reader for magstripe.

Two Powerful Tools Working Together

As a business owner, the ability to leverage two powerful tools, one for appointment booking and the other for taking payment means you are offering the best possible experience for your customers. Booxi, being an expert at appointment management and online booking, integrating with Square, an expert in the payment industry, offers your customers the best in the business, which promotes customer loyalty. Choosing solutions that are specialised (whether in online booking or payments), assures that your business remains ahead of the competition.

Easily add Appointment Booking

As a Square client, it’s easy to offer appointment booking to your customers.

If you love using Square Payment, easily connect it with the best appointment booking solution. You will be able to:

1) Capture online payment at booking; whether to charge a deposit, a booking fee or charge the full payment;

2) Take a payment by phone or in-person from an appointment.

Follow a few simple steps to get started:

Connect your Square Account to Booxi by following these steps:

  1. Sign in your Booxi account, and click on My Business.

  2. Select the Integration Modules section, and select the Square module.

  3. Turn the module on by clicking on the ON/OFF switch – a setup dialog will pop up.

  4. In the pop-up displayed, click on “Sign in Square”

  5. Fill in your Square email address and password and click on Sign in.

  6. Click on Allow. You are connected.

  7. Click on Save and you're done.

You will now see new options appear in booxi:

  • Service Details Online Payment options

  • Appointment and Reservation Take Payment options

  • Appointment and Reservation Payment Transaction Information

Synching Your Client List

When using multiple applications, it’s important that your customer base is up to date in each platform. It’s important to keep one central customer base that is up to date, and shared throughout all your applications. Every time a new client is added, they are also added as a new client to Square. However, it is recommended to do a first sync up between Booxi and Square, to start with the full and up to date list on both sides.

Follow these steps to do it :

  1. In your Booxi account, click on the Clients tab

  2. Click on the Option icon, and then on the option "Sync with Square CRM".

  3. Then click on the green button Sync to synchronize your two CRM. You're done.

How to Accept Online Payment Using Square

After you have enabled the Square module in your Booxi account, you can also start accepting online payment at booking for selected services. You simply need to configure your individual services to request an online payment in part or in full to complete the booking.

Your Clients Can Easily Pay Online

When your clients create an online booking, they will be informed that a payment is required just before the confirmation. Once they have confirmed their booking, they will be requested to pay online using any major credit cards through the secured Square online payment system, within the Booxi booking process.

You can also set up Booxi to request the payment by email, giving your client more time to complete the payment after booking. Booxi will simply send a payment request email to the client with a Pay button to capture the payment online.

Track Client Payments per Booking

You will be able to see the current payment status and the balance for each appointment and group reservation. Each booking will show you if a payment has been requested and completed.

For a more detailed overview of the integration between Booxi and Square, click here.

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