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Pushing and editing services across multiple stores
Pushing and editing services across multiple stores

From the Head-Office, easily assign new services, delete ones or update services to all assigned stores.

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Probably the most important feature of the Head-Office functionality is the ability to centralize the changes you make to your services and then apply that change in bulk.

The most important is to first have the services assigned to the Stores in the first place. This is set at the creation of the Store or through the Assigned Services in the Store details.

If that Store doesn’t provide all the same services, you can select the applicable services and you can always create individual services per store when you connect to the store directly.

If you deselect a service assigned to a store, the service will automatically be deleted from that store. If you have any active booking with that service, these will remain in your calendar.

Update all assigned stores

When you select to update a service to the Stores, you have multiple options to choose from when you do the change. If you select all the checkboxes it will update all the changes you made within the options. If you select specific checkboxes, it will only update the selected field

Service Summary

Within the update changes for service summary you will find :

  • The Image : this option will update the image related to this service that you have changed

  • The Online Status : this option will update the Online/Offline status offering online booking. When Offline, customers will not be able to book this service online

Service Details

Within the update changes for service details you will find :

  • Name and Category

  • Booking filter tags

  • Description

  • Price : this also includes all the settings around pricing such as the price type, taxes, visibility of price online and online payment options

  • Duration : this includes the spacing and visibility of duration online

  • Instructions

  • Booking Question : this also includes the small survey

  • Store Edit control: the details of the store edit controls are covered here

Booking Rules

This includes any changes you made throughout the list of booking rules.

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