It is now possible to disable online booking for your Booxi account.

You might need to temporarily disable the online booking of one or multiple Booxi accounts for several reasons. For example, one of your stores is temporarily closed for renovations and you cannot accept online booking for a certain period.

To temporarily deactivate a Booxi account :

  1. In your Booxi Back Office, go to My Business section

  2. Click on Business rules

  3. Deactivate Enable Online Booking (it becomes gray)

If you’re using your Booxi Booking Page, the Book Now button will be grayed out and your customers won’t be able to book anymore.

If you’ve integrated the Booxi Widget on your website, the Book Now button will be grayed out and a pop-up message will be displayed mentioning the service is not available.

If you’ve integrated a store locator, the Booxi account you deactivated won’t be displayed to your customers, but your customers will still be able to book an appointment at another location.

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