From the Head-office, you can export a report which contains booking data of all the stores managed under the Head-Office.

To export a report from the Head-Office, follow these steps:

  1. Connect to the Head-Office

  2. Go to the Calendar tab

  3. Click on the Calendar icon with an arrow or on more option

    1. You can export an appointment report

    2. You can export a reservation report for group events

    3. You can export a metric report

  4. The option “Include All Store Locations” is checked by default

  5. Click on “Export”

  6. Once the report is available, click on “Click here to download the report”, a .csv file will be generated

⚠️Important note

You need an Admin access to export a report.

You need to import the .csv file if you want to open it. Please refer to your software instructions to open .csv files.

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