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How to export appointment reports
How to export appointment reports

Export appointment reports from Booxi in a few clicks.

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It is always interesting to export appointment information in order to learn more about the appointments booked, from the appointment status to the answers to the surveys. Booxi allows to get all this information by exporting appointment reports.

To export your appointment report as a .csv file, follow these steps:

  1. Go to Calendar Tab

  2. Click on the More option icon on the upper right side of the screen

  3. Click on Appointment Report

  4. In the panel, update the information you would like to export:

    • Start date of the appointments

    • The personnel assigned to the appointments

      • You can select a specific personnel or display appointments for all personnel

      • Deleted personnel will not be displayed in the list

    • Exclude canceled appointments or no-show

    • Detailed report

      • The detailed report adds customer's information (birthdate, gender...), client requests, quick notes and resources if any associated to the appointment.

  5. Click on “Export”

  6. Once the report is available, click on “Click here to download the report”, a .csv file will be generated

⚠️Important notes

  • You need to import the .csv file if you want to open it. Please refer to your software instructions to open .csv files.

  • Appointments assigned to deleted staffs will be displayed in the appointment report.

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