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Control Your Users Access Rights
Updated over a week ago

You can now control with more flexibility what your personnel can do with Booxi. We have prepared 5 user roles each representing a different persona, for you to choose from and give an access that better represents what each personnel should be able to do.

  • Administrator

  • Supervisor

  • Manager

  • Staff

  • Restricted Staff

The concept of account owner still exists and has an Administrator user role by default, in order to ensure that the owner always have all access to his account.

You may see some changes if you had personnel managing group event sessions with Staff user role, you will now need to promote them as Manager user role.

How to change user role

  1. Click on Personnel from the main tool bar

  2. Select a personnel

  3. Make sure that personnel was invited to use Booxi, if not that means he cannot use Booxi, so no user role applies here.

  4. Click on the User Access section

  5. From the User Access form on the right panel, choose an appropriate role. You a description of all the accesses for each role.

Click Save, and you are done.

Note: The accessible calendars are the personnel's own calendar, and all shared calendar. By «Manage» we mean that all operations (Create, Read, Update, Delete) are allowed.

User Access Roles in the details

Here is a list of all the user rights per role, so you can best choose the role that fits your needs.







Manage bookings for the accessible calendars

Manage bookings and time slots for the accessible calendars

Manage bookings and time slots for all calendars

Bypass booking restriction rules

Manage group event scheduling

Export bookings (CSV report)


Edit his personnel profile (details, calendar sync) and work schedule

Manage personnel

Manage user access and roles


Create client records via booking

Edit client records

Send client notifications

Manage client records

Import client records

Export client records


Edit business profile (details, pictures, open hours, rules)

Manage business profile, integrations and subscription


Create invoices or take payments

Export invoices (CSV report)


Manage service offer

Manage resources

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