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How to activate automated appointment recalls
How to activate automated appointment recalls

Activate automatic appointment recalls so your customers do not forget to book a new appointment.

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Do you want to activate appointment recalls so your customers are automatically reminded to book a new appointment?

Enable Appointment Recall

In order to activate appointment recalls, follow these steps:

  • Go to My Business tab

  • Click on Booking Rules

  • Scroll down to the section "Appointment Recall", and activate this section (button becomes blue) 

  • Set a default delay, for example, 20 days, if you would like Booxi to send your customer an email reminder in 20 days.

    You can modify this delay for every appointment completed manually.

  • Click on Save and you're done

Schedule Recall Reminders in One Click

Once you have enabled Appointment Recall on your account, you will be able to set an automated reminder for your customer.  

  • Go to the Calendar tab

  • Right-Click on the appointment to complete

  • Select Complete (The Complete confirmation popup will be displayed, providing you with more options)

  • In the Complete panel, you can choose to

    • Schedule a recall reminder

    • Complete without reminder

    • Book the next appointment now

  • Choose to “Schedule a recall reminder”

  • Select the service to propose (which is by default set to the same service as the appointment you are about to complete)

  • Select the personnel to assign (which is by default also set to the same personnel as the appointment you are about to complete)

  • Adjust the delay, or specify a date on which the reminder will be sent

  • You may also add an additional request (optional)

Finally, click on Complete and the appointment recall reminder will be scheduled and automatically sent in due time

⚠️If you choose to Complete without a reminder or Book the next appointment now, no recall reminder will be scheduled.

If you set up your Booxi account to automatically complete appointments, the recall will be scheduled at the default delay automatically.

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