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How to keep track of your rentals
How to keep track of your rentals
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You can easily track the status of each of your rentals.
To do this, go into your Resources tab and select the resource you want to check on. The rental status is listed just underneath the resource’s name: Available, Late, Rented.

When a client arrives, you can easily find their rental booking:

  1. Go into the Calendar tab,

  2. Enter the client’s name, confirmation number, or telephone number in the search bar up top, and then click on the magnifying glass icon or simply press Enter on your keyboard.

A list of corresponding reservations will appear, and you will simply need to click on the correct one.

You can also switch your Calendar view from Appointment to Rental
To switch it:

1. Go to the Calendar tab,

2. Click on the option "Schedule Type" at the top,

3. And select the option "Rental Schedule".

4. You now have access to a Pickup and a Return View.

  • To see the Pickups of the day, click on the icon "Pickups view".

Pickup will show the list of items with rental reservation scheduled to be picked up for the selected date. You can see from here what is reserved and not yet picked up, as well as if each item is in-store, still out, or late.

  • To see the Returns of the day, click on the icon "Returns view". 

Return will show the list of items that are currently out, and expected to be returned for the selected date. If you look at today, today will also include whatever is still late, even though it was supposed to be returned in the past, so you still expect it for today.

Example of an overview: 

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