How to invite a staff to join Booxi

After creating a staff profile, invite him to join the Booxi account.

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Once that you have created a staff profile, you can invite him to join Booxi. Once invited, based on the user access rights provided, the person will have access to different sections and have different rights.

To invite a staff to join Booxi, follow these steps:

  1. Go to the Personnel tab

  2. Select the profile of the personnel you would like to invite

  3. Click on Personnel Details, check the email provided and the staff preferred language. If you have updated any information, click on Save.

  4. Click on “Invite to join booxi

  5. Once the invitation is sent, the button will change to "Resend the invitation".

    ⚠️ If the staff hasn't received an invitation email, please check the spams. You can click on "Resend the invitation" if the staff cannot find the invitation email.

  6. After sending the invitation, you can update the user access role of the new personnel. By default, the user access is set up to “staff”.

  7. Once this person has logged in to Booxi, the invite button will change to "Using booxi"


Once invited, the email to log in cannot be changed. If you change your personnel, you will have to delete the profile and create a new profile as we cannot change the login email of a staff.

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