To invite a member of your personnel to use booxi, simply follow these simple steps. Once invited, they will be able to view their calendar and manage their booxi profiles via web browser, or our iPhone and Android mobile applications. 

  1. Sign in your booxi account

  2. Select the profile of this person from your list of personnel

  3. Click on Invite to join booxi

  4. Once the invitation is sent (to the email address that appears in their profile), the button will change to Resend the invitation

  5. After sending the invitation, you can determine the role/user access of the new staff (Administrator, Supervisor, Manager, Staff, or Restricted Staff)

  6. Once this person has started using booxi, the invite button will change to "Using booxi"

By default, after creating an account, your personnel will have access to:

  • Manage their own profile (details, schedule and rules)            Yes

  • View and edit their own appointments and alerts                     Yes

  • View and add new appointments for other personnel              Yes

  • Consult your business details, service offer and personnel      Yes

  • Edit your business details, service offer and other personnel    No

  • View your business performance data                                         No

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