How to Block Clients From Booking Online

You can prevent specific clients from booking appointments, reservations or rentals with you. Each client record you keep in booxi has a status set to Active by default, which you can change to Blocked in order to prevent that client from booking online with you.

How to Block a Client?

 You can easily block and unblock any client from its summary page in booxi. 

  1. Click on the Clients main section.

  2. Find and select a client from your client list.

  3. Click on the green Active status and select Blocked.

  4. Blocked will appear as the new status in grey, and you’re done.

Once a client is blocked, he will not be able to book online as long as booxi can recognize it by a combination of name and phone number or name and email. 

The client will then receive a booking error message asking to contact you to complete his booking.

To set the client to Active again, simply repeat the same steps and turn it back to the green Active status, the client will be able to book online again.

Get Notified That a Client Is Blocked When He Calls to Book Again

If you book an appointment with a blocked client in-person or over the phone, booxi will notify you by displaying a little no-way red icon when you select the client from the search/suggestions in the appointment, reservation or rental forms.


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