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Present Your Online Booking Service Offer in Various Languages
Present Your Online Booking Service Offer in Various Languages

How to translate your content in multiple language easily

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You can now edit your Booxi content in multiple languages and offer a full experience in your customer's native tongue. Booxi has been available in multiple languages for a while, but your content such as service names, and descriptions were only editable in one language.

You can now manage content translations, and offer your customers a complete experience in our supported languages.

  • Choose a default language

  • Add additional languages

  • Edit your content translations

  • Provide a multilingual experience

How to Setup Your Languages

Your current content is the default content, and you must tell Booxi which language that is. Once this is done, you can add additional languages, and provide translations for those.

  1. Go to My Business main section

  2. Click on Booking Rules

  3. Scroll down to Languages

  4. If the default language is not the right one, add a new language using and select your default language. A popup confirmation will be requested

  5. Or simply add a new language as a secondary language

  6. Click Save at the top

The default language you selected must represent the language of your content. Additional languages will be editable as translations. Also if you change your default language and you had translations for that same language, these will be lost.

Edit Your Content Translations

Once you added additional languages, a new option Translations

will appear at the top of specific forms, such as Service Details, and Booking Rules, where you can edit translations for your default content, in your additional languages. These translations will be used in book now, your booking page, emails, and SMS. If you omit to provide a translation, Booxi will use your default content for each missing translation.

You can edit translations for:

  • Service details

  • Service booking rules (policy)

  • Personnel details

  • Business details

  • Business booking rules (policy, invoice footer, thank you message)

From the translation form, you can edit both your default and additional languages, so you always have your default content as a reference to help you.

  1. Go to Services main section

  2. Click on Service Details

  3. Click on Translations at the top

  4. Edit your translation content in the various additional languages you added.

  5. Click on Save at the top of the form

Provide a Multilingual Experience

To see your translations in action, try your Booxi booking page in a specific language or book an appointment as a customer that has a different preferred language.

  • Go to My Business main section

  • Click on Business Details

  • Scroll down to Booxi site and click Open

  • Once your booking page is displayed, scroll down to the footer to select a different language

  • Try booking an appointment in that language to see book now in action

Now, remember that every time you change a translation in Booxi, you must refresh your booking page to see the effect of your change.

Please note that when using your Booxi for business tool, the content is always presented in your default language even though you have translations, this allows you, for example, to always use the same service names.

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