The Booxi Head-Office platform provides a centralized management of multiple store locations, which makes it more efficient to push new services, users, and store configurations to all or selected locations at once, in addition to providing more control and accessibility to clients and bookings.

Instead of manually creating or updating services or store configurations in each store one by one, the Head-Office allows you to initially create service and store templates which you can update prior to duplicating changes in selected stores.

This general overview provides links to articles which will help you understand how to use the store and service templates, as well access your clientele and bookings.

How to manage your stores

An overview on how to manage multiple store locations using the Head Office.

1. Start by configuring your store template

How to set up your store template

2. Once you created your initial store template you will be able to create new stores from that template. You can also deactivate existing stores.

How to create new stores

How to deactivate stores

3. If you need to update selected or all stores, you can perform mass updates for example changing open hours, rules, description, policy urls, and so on. You can also edit individual stores.

How to mass update store business details

How to mass update store open hours

How to mass update store booking rules

4. As your stores can be listed at online booking, you may want to order them and classify them in categories or regions.

How to organize and define store order

How to manage your service offer

An overview on how to manage your service templates using the Head Office.

1. How do service templates work and how to create them (same as creating service in the Back Office)

How to manage service templates

How to create services.

2. Push a new service, remove or update a service in all or selected stores

How to mass update services for multiple stores

How to remove a service from all or selected stores

3. Control what stores can modify regarding the service offer

Control editing limitations per store

How to manage your users

An overview on how to manage user’s access to stores.

Other set-up available with Head-Office regards the management of staff and staff creation

  1. How to create a new user on the Template Head Office

  2. How to provide access to multiple stores

Finally once you are up and running you will have access to a Head-Office set of reports to give you an overview of the aggregate of the accounts

  1. How to report through your Head-Office account

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