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How do templates work in the Head-Office ?
How do templates work in the Head-Office ?

What are the different tabs available in the Head-Office.

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When Booxi sets your account up as a Head-Office template account, you will see a few differences compared to one of your regular accounts.

The most notable difference is the icon representing “My Stores” visible on the left hand menu and the crown symbol under the name of your template account identifying it as the said template.

A template is a pattern that you can use to create multiple similar stores and services easily.

The set-up of your template account is similar to the set-up of your regular accounts.

Some options will not be visible, such as “Assigned Services” and “Assigned Personnel”, as these options will only be available to your dependent stores.

If you click on the kebab menu, you can create a store that will be an exact copy of your template. For more information on how to create a store click here.

To know more about the account set-up such as changing your Business Details, Opening Hours and Booking Rules you can refer to our existing articles and videos.

You also have visibility of your Services and Personnel through your navigation menu on the left.

When it comes to creating new services, you will find all the information here. When it comes to the interactions between the services created in the Template and the stores, you have more information here.

The template calendar is not supposed to receive Appointments and Reservations.

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