Step 1 - Update Business Details 

From the main menu located on the side of the page, click on My Business.

  1. Click on Business Details to review the details of your business.

  2. Update Business Name 

  3. .Update first and last name as the main Contact Name – this information is only used by booxi to contact you.

  4. Update your business Phone number – You may show this information on your booxi web site or hide it to keep it confidential.

  5. Update your Website URL link if you have another website.Y

  6. Update your complete business Address – You may show this information on your booxi website or hide it to keep it confidential.

  7. Once you have completed your changes, click on Save to save the changes or Undo to cancel them.

The following details cannot be changed:

  • booxi site – You may copy paste this url in social post, or any marketing material.

  • API Key – this series of letters and numbers is a key that you will need to integrate the Book Now button into a website or directory. You may need to give it to your website developer.

Step 2 – Review your open hours

If you have open hours specify them for each day of the week. If you don’t simply skip this step, leaving your open hours empty. You may provide multiple time slots per day, if for example you close for lunch (9:00-12:00 and another one for 13:00-18:00).

  1. Click on Open Hours to review your business open hour schedule.

  2. Click on X to remove a time slot.

  3. Click on + to add another time slot.

  4. Provide a start and end time for each time slot.

Step 3 - Change your background photo

Your business profile has a cover and a profile or logo picture. The cover decorates your website, while the logo identifies your business.

  1. You can set or change your cover picture by clicking on the camera icon at the bottom of the current cover picture. You may also use our mobile app to take a picture with your smartphone and apply it to your cover picture.

  2. Click on the Upload a photo button to upload a picture from your computer or tablet.

  3. Click on the Reset to default button to remove the picture.Use the 4 blue dots to crop or select the visible portion of the picture.

  4. Click on Save the photo button to save your changes, or click on the X at the top to cancel your changes.

Step 7 – Put your business profile online

Now that everything has been reviewed and updated, you can put your business online. You must set your business status to Available online for your website to be online and for the booking to be accessible.

You can do this later, after you reviewed your personnel and your service offer, or now, and add personnel and services after.

  1. Click on Offline and select Available online.

  2. The status should turn green.

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