How can I update my payment method?

You can update your payment method related to your Booxi subscription, from your account.

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You might need to consult your current Booxi subscription or update your payment information.

To do this, follow these steps:

  1. Go to My Business tab

  2. Click on "Subscription & Billing"

  3. Click on "Review" to access your payment & invoice panel

  4. A new page will open to allow to update your payment information and consult your Booxi subscription

Payment Method Information

This section displays the current payment method on your Booxi account.

To change your payment method,

  1. click on Update Payment Method

  2. A new page will open

  3. Update your payment information

  4. Click on “Mettre à jour / Update” to save your information.


Consult your Booxi subscription to know which features are activated and when is your next billing date. For any questions related to your Booxi subscription, contact our Support team by email or by chat.

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