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How to Customize Your Thank You Messages
How to Customize Your Thank You Messages
Updated over a week ago

1. Sign in your booxi account, and go to My Business Tab,
2. Then click on “Appointment Rules” section and scroll down to the second-last section.
3. Make sure to activate the “Thank you message” option.

4. Once it’s done, the last section will be activated and you’ll be able to customize the thank you message.

  • By clicking on the “Insert a link” icon, you can easily ask your customers to complete a feedback survey or to leave a comment on your Facebook page.

  • The “Insert a variable” icon allows you to add a specific element that will customize even more your message. For example, you can choose to insert your Client first name. 

P.S. : When you write a custom thank you message, it will be automatically sent via email to your customers. However, your customers will receive a generic thank you message by SMS if they did not leave their email address in their booking.

“Thank you" messages are not sent between 10pm and 6am.

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