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How to book an appointment (from the client's perspective)
How to book an appointment (from the client's perspective)
Updated over a week ago

To book online their next appointment with you, your customers would have to follow these steps:

1. Go on your website, or directly on your Booxi site. 

2. Your customers will click on the book now button, and this pop-up will appear:

3. Then they will select a category, 

4.  And then a service:

5. If you offered your customers to book an appointment with the staff of their choice, they'll have to select the right person, if not this step will not be displayed:  

6. Then they'll have to pick the date that suits them best

7. Then the hour

8. They'll have to fill out their contact informations, and then to check the case "I agree with the policy and accept the terms":

9. Then click on the "Confirm" button, and they're done.


Appointments are configured with the booking rules of the business and the service when the appointment is taken. If there is a modification of the booking rules, it will only apply to new appointments.

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